EXPOSED: Efflectum

Photographer and concept design - Mark Perry
MUA - Alice Bizarre Make up

Name: My real name is Emma, but I model under the name Efflectum, which means to obliterate and destroy.

Location: I move about a bit, originally born and bred in Essex, and no I’m not that kind of Essex girl😛. Now I’m currently reside in Kingston upon Thames, as it’s close to were I work (Old London Road Tattoos) It’s also close to London for gigs and such.

What inspired you to take up modelling? Originally it was because I was told I couldn’t. But after that I just really enjoyed working with other people. Photographers, MUA’s other models and clothing designers. I get a buzz from shooting. I really love it! I love seeing a bizarre idea come to life and really work. I also have a sense of adventure and like hunting out cool locations to shoot in. I’m not your typical model. I have scaled walls, broken into abandoned buildings and done all kinds of strange things to get the image needed.

Photography - Mark Perry Photography
MUA - Caz Jackson

What are your favourite styles/themes to shoot? Currently, I’m really enjoying art nude work with an alternative/glamour twist to it. However I LOVE shoots with a mad concept! I say come up with something crazy and I’m game.

How would you describe your own personal style? My personal style, I am all mainly for sexy comfort as I work six days a week. So big ole boots, leggings normally and some kind of band shirt. I’m a whole bundle of crazy rolled up into one red headed tattooed and pierced body!!

Photography r&d - Voskorbia
MUA - Gore Girl

Are there any makeup/beauty products that you can’t live without? Alas my eyebrows don’t grow very well. They started falling out years go😦 (not due to plucking they just stopped growing) So I have to have me eyeliner to draw them on! But that’s about the only make up I can’t live without.

What makes you different to all the other models in the industry today? I’m not sure any one is different. I can certainly beat most models when it comes to the crazy scale though😛 Although I would hazard a guess that is not the answer you are looking for. Well for one thing I’m a full time body piercer, I have some pretty awesome tattoos, including a portrait of Razor Candi as well as David Bowie. And I’m sure I have a few other qualities that make me unique.

Photography - Carolyne Jackson
MUA - Fran Anderson

Are there any designers/photographers/other models that you would love to collaborate with one day? Oh yeah! Of course there are!! I’d love to work with Amie [Conradine Gibson] outside of a show, as well as Jane Doe Latex. I’m sure there are a million other people I would love to work with. But at the moment I’m just focusing on what is currently possible🙂

Where do you hope to be in 5 years? Five years time….I don’t have a five year plan I only have a 10 year plan. In ten years time, I want to own my Tattoo and Piercing studio, then train someone up to pierce in my place so I can work from home shooting a lot more. And run my rescue center. Oh yeah, I should have mentioned…..I’m a crazy ferret lady!! I even have ferrets tattooed on my arm.

So I guess in five years time….hmm I would like to do more live shows. Maybe even have a cover of a magazine! But to be fair I’d just settle with a nice man, who can deal with my ferret crazy obsession.


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