Pick of the Day: Eustratia

Eustratia is run by Creative  Director/Designer Stacey Black. This company is creating a stir in the fashion industry by bringing forth daring latex fashions and accessories. With a huge range of exclusive fusion fabrics, trims, and theatrical applique designs Eustratia stretches the fashion lovers mind.


Dryad: black, white and nude designs.

Valentine: red and white

Stellar: pink, purple, and blue

Chimera: black, white and inverted crosses (my fav!)

Photo by: David Richardson

Everything about Eustratia screams BOLD & WHIMSICAL! Fantasy and fabric come together and dare you to be confident and daring.

All latex items are handcrafted and the option to have the ensemble custom fitted is free! This is great since latex should fit your body skin tight! Eustratia is breaking ground in a new fashion trend and amazing things are expected in the future! Check them out now!

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Words: Tera Suicide

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